Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Scheduling Conflict

I just spoke with my IVF coordinator, Kim in NY today. I woke up this morning with some spotting, so AF is just around the corner. I wanted to let her know, and find out about getting my bcp prescription and discuss protocol/timeline.

According to the information they sent in the mail, I would be on bcp anywhere from 14-28 days. I've always had it in my head that I'd take it for the full 28 and then begin stims. Well today, she said I'd take it for 10 days!!!

Whoa, 10 days is not long at all, I could possibly be stimming in 14-16 days if we stick to that time line. I'm all for getting things overwith, but this could cause some unexpected scheduling conflicts.

I'm going to stay with friends in NY for most of the monitoring and probably stay at a hotel with M when he comes up for the retrieval. I'm sure everything will work out fine with that, no biggie, I just wasn't planning to go to NY in March.

The most troublesome is this would put me out of town during the time I'm to sit for my Interior Design license. If the test was offered more often, I'd just take it the next time, but it only comes around twice a year. So if I don't sit for it in April, I won't be able to take it again until October. Not to mention that I've already put in over $700 to take it and I won't get a full refund if I reschedule.

I'm waiting for Kim to call me back, she said she'd set up the schedule and give me the info for my meds. I hope it's not a big deal, but I'm going to ask her if I can stay on bcp for 25 days so that I can take the test.

I'd hate to postpone IVF another month, I'm ready to get this over with now!!!


Soapchick said...

Oh I would definitely ask to be on the BCPs longer, that test is too important. Hey if you are ever in Michigan - you can practice designing on my house! haha.

Good luck with this cycle. Mine will be right behind yours. I'll post an update soon.

sara said...

i'm in MI too, you can practice with us too! Yes, be on the BCP longer if neccessary or do the cycle when you need it. You're the important one...((hugs))

Stephanie said...

Oh goodness, we were at the same point a few times during our cycle but now that we're in the 2ww, it's nice to say that all the scheduling worked itself out nicely. Good luck with the dr and the scheduling!! It's wonderful that you're going to be able to start soon.