Friday, March 13, 2009

Delayed Until???

It's official, IVF-2 is being delayed. I spoke with Emily and she confirmed what I already knew, that I won't be able to stick to the schedule.

I had my follow up breast exam with my ARNP gynecologist today, which was the perfect setting for grilling her about doing the Hysteroscopy/Polypectomy. I think she got the picture that I'm not happy with their views (it's not medically necessary -ha) about doing the Saline Sonohysterogram. I asked if they would be willing to do the Hysteroscopy/Polypectomy since it's now clear I have a medical need for that. She said they would.

I now have a surgical consult scheduled for April 1 with a Dr. in the practice. I don't want to wait nearly 3 weeks just for the consult!

I am so frustrated and dissapointed by all of this. Not surprised, just frustrated. I had finally geared up for this, and now I have to wait for who knows how long.

Emily is going to speak with the RE and get some more information from him and pass it on to me later today or Monday. Not sure what's going to happen, but it looks like IVF-2 might not happen until May or June.


Barb said...

Blah again. Not much more you can say to that. :(

Mrs.X said...

Argh! That totally sucks. My prescription: retail therapy (help the economy too!) and alcohol. But, do not mix.

Soapchick said...

Ugh, how frustrating! Were you able to at least get a refund on your plane tickets? I know how difficult it is to wait, but time really does go by quickly, so May/June will be here before you know it!

oh and yes regarding my private blog - your browser may have your email address and password stored so it just redirects you to my blog. You don't need any extra passwords to get on. I'm guessing my donor may start stimming around mid to late April.

Pepper said...

Well, damn. Forced breaks are just painful, especially when you were looking forward to another cycle. Hang in there. May or June really will be here before you know it.