Friday, March 6, 2009

Almost Changed My Mind

Whew, that was close.

I went to my CD3 scan today. Other than the annoying 45 min wait and having to explain my situation to everyone (using a different RE), it went fine. After it was over, I marched directly next door to try to persuade my gyn-y to do the saline-sonohystogram instead of making me go to some skeevy clinic that may or may not know how to do that sono-thingy-ma-bob, what was it called again?

Instead of being directly turned away by the staff (as I was by phone), I was allowed to write my request on a walk-in triage form which was handed to my gyn-y. I was then told to wait for a call from her to discuss the situation. Unfortunately, I missed her phone call today (my Iphone is acting up), so I'm going to have to call her back on Monday. But there is hope.

Anyway, for some reason I started to majorly freak out about the scheduling of the IVF-2 -as it almost conflicts with that stupid licensing test I signed up for. I actually did tell Emily that I thought it best to wait another cycle but then changed my mind back. I'm sure she thinks I'm crazy.

Hopefully it will all work out, I'll just be on bcp's longer than normal, about 24 days which means two packs. My main concern is just being able to concentrate on studying and taking the test with the IVF-2 underway. If everthing goes well, I'll start stimming the day before the exam.

Keeping with this schedule also allows me to be back in town for my friends wedding reception. I told my friend that I'd make her wedding cake and I would feel horrible if I backed out. In case you're wondering, I've never made a wedding cake, or any super fancy cake for that matter. LOL But, I've done a considerable amount of research and preparation for the feat.

I'll blog about the cake making soon. :)


Pepper said...

Wow, that IS a lot on your plate! I'm sure everything will all fall into place though.

I once helped a friend transport a wedding cake. It was her first wedding cake (the tiered kind) and she made the mistake of assembling it before transporting. All the vibration of the ride basically made the frosting fall off, but she'd brought extra and was able to salvage it once we made it to the reception site. Thus we learned the valuable lesson: Assemble tiered cakes AFTER transport, not before. :-)

Stephanie said...

Well I hope things go okay and go as planned.

sara said...

You are certainly a busy girl! I'm glad that you are going to get into what you want to, and I'm glad you'll be okay for the wedding as well. That's cool. Sorry I haven't been commenting as much...I'm still reading. Just not commenting as much. Basically I kind of stink...but I'm still here! ((hugs))

Soapchick said...

Yikes, so much going on! Cheering you on - in all of it - your IVF, the cake, the exam! So exciting!