Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's a Go!

I don't know if a girl could be looking forward to surgical procedure than I am!? LOL

I am officially scheduled for my Polypectomy on Friday, April 17th. I need to be in NY on Wednesday the 15th for the pre-op visit, so I'll possibly be in NY for a total of four weeks if all goes well.

Due to the change of plans and the length of time I'll be away, I've decided that I'm going to drive up to NY. It'll be easier on me if I have a car and I don't have to worry about plane tickets and timing etc.

So the new plan goes like this: I'll drive up to Maryland Saturday April 11th, stay through Easter and drop off one of our dogs. Roxy's our 2 year old stubborn dalmation-mix. She's super sweet, but a little intense and adverse to training (I trained our Husky mix with no problems). No one down here wants to dog sit her while M and I are both out of town. No one except my uncle in MD -he really likes her, and who am I to keep them apart. :) M is hoping that this will become a permanent arangement, but I'm not so sure.

Yes, that's what Roxy did to one of my favorite shoes when I came home from work late, too bad she didn't give me a matching pair.

Anyway, I'll finish the trip to NY and then either M or my Mom will come up for the Laporoscopy. I'm not sure if I'll stay with my friends at that point, or if we'll get a hotel room. But after the surgery, I'm definitely staying with my former college roomates. That's going to be fun, so I have something to look forward to.

When the time is right, M will fly up and I guess we'll get a hotel for retrieval etc. Then we'll drive back home together, hopefully making a stop in MD (to pick up Roxy?) and then again in Savannah, GA. At least that's what I'm thinking right now. M is worried that I shouldn't drive such a long distance, I don't think it should be a big deal, as long as NY-RE says it's okay.

Sorry, that was a boring, rambling post about nothing.


Amy said...

Hope everything goes well for you!

And your Roxy looks EXACTLY like my boy, Sox. Hey, Sox and Rox! He has the white belly stripe and white speckled front paws as well. Plus the very tip of his tail has a few white hairs!

Stephanie said...

Thanks Amy.

Roxy was actually named Socks when we got her at the SPCA! How funny is that? Roxy's chest is white with black speckles, only her front paws are white (socks) and she has some white hairs on the tip of her tail and on her head, but they're hard to see.

The vet thinks she might be dalmation (explains her stubborness) and possibly greyhound.

Is your Sox crazy like Roxy? LOL

sara said...

This is totally not a boring rambling post. First of all, YAY for plans! I'm so excited that things are really moving along. And second of for chewed shoes...I'm so sorry! Neela should meet up with your doggie because she chewed my favorite heels last night. I actually almost cried. I'm such a wimp, LOL! I love your crazy doggie..and I hope that when the time comes the trips go well. SOunds like a busy time for you ((Hugs))

Barb said...

BORING? Holy crap so much is going on!!! It's FAR from boring!! I'm rooting you on! I think maybe our lives are crazy parallels in some ways. We may not be doing treatments, but lots of other things are moving in our home too. And we were both static at similar times, AND we're age buddies. ;-)

(oh and that shoe picture? Too funny)

Kymberli said...

I thought I commented on this. Blogger ate it. Dammit.

Gonna be in Savannah? Wanna meet up?