Thursday, March 12, 2009


I survived the Saline Sonohysterogram! It wasn't nearly as bad as I feared it would be. It was similar to an IUI, but maybe a touch more cramping. I'm still feeling the effects now, but it's not too bad. I took the advice found on Stirrup Queens blog and took two advil beforehand.

I ended up going to the radiology clinic instead of my gynecologist. When I spoke to the gynecologists nurse, she informed me that I would have to pay out of pocket, as it's related to IF...blah, blah, blah. When I called up the radiology clinic, they were much more cooperative and were going to let insurance pick up the tab.
The tech that did the wanding was awesome, she has plenty of experience doing Sonohysterograms and let the marketing department of the clinic know that the yahoos answering the phone (I told her that I was nervous because they didn't even know what a Sonohysterogram was when I called to make the appointment) aren't on top of things.

She was also impressed with my wanding experience. She was having a hard time finding my left ovary, so I offered to press down on it for her. She started laughing and shared with the other tech. Ahhhh...funny yet a little sad.

Now for the bad news. I failed the test, I have more polyps. She and the Dr. saw at least three polyps while they were poking around. I'm still waiting to hear back from Emily in NY to find out what will happen next. Obviously the polyps have to come out first which most likely means there is a hysteroscopy in my future (where, I don't know).

I'm hoping that I won't have to postpone the IVF if I can get the polyps removed in a timely manner, but I don't know how likely that is. I also don't know if they require a waiting period before proceeding with IVF afterwards. I hope it's minimal, as I don't want to grow more polyps while I'm waiting!
Did I mention I just bought the plane tickets for NY yesterday? Stupid, stupid, stupid.


Stephanie said...

If they want to remove the polyps then I am sure they'll have you wait as they'll need you to be healed before trying to carry a baby. They probably ask you to wait at least a month so maybe waiting a month wasn't such a bad idea anyway since you we're having scheduling issues. However the good news is I've had MANY friends who've had polyps removed and they got pregnant on their own the very next month.

Soapchick said...

Oh no!!! I hope the tickets are changeable. Glad the experience itself wasn't bad, but bummer about the polyps. Maybe now you and I will be exact cycle buddies if you have to wait a month!

Barb said...

Oh BLAH. That so sucks. I'm glad you're not feeling the effects too much. And it is quite sad how used to the wanding we get. I've had pg women less used to that stuff than I am.

Stephanie said...

Stephanie, thanks for trying to be positive, but I'm not too thrilled with postponing this any further, test or no test. I've also already had polyps removed (laporoscopy in '07) with no luck and that was with drugs and many IUI's, so I'm not holding out any hope for a surprise.

Soapchick, I hope the tickets are changeable too, I haven't had the nerve to check yet. We just might be cycle buddies after all ;)

Barb, yeah, the tech was pretty surprised and asked a lot of questions about IF. I was happy to educate. This sucks sooo much!