Thursday, March 5, 2009

Buying Drugs and Severing Ties

I bought drugs today, but not all of them! Thanks to Kym and her friend Kimmy, I was hooked up with 6 menopur!!! AWESOME...thanks again for being so generous and donating unused meds, it really helps.

So today is officially CD1 and I'm going in for my CD3 scan tomorrow. I'm sure you've noticed that tomorrow is really CD2...I've been reassured that it's cool to go a day early (my local clinic doesn't want to see me on Saturday).

On a different topic...
Today I dropped of the few items that my former friend, K left at my house. I stopped by her office and left everything, including a card and note with the receptionist. While I was there, I saw a co-worker of K's that I had met at K's bridal shower and wedding, she was very pleasant when she saw me. She chatted with me and told me that K is expecting a boy and what his name will be.

Surprisingly, this didn't really bother me much. I feel a sense of relief to have put this behind me. Thanks for all of your advice and support, hopefully this is the end of the drama :)


Soapchick said...

I'm glad you got some menopur. If I get any extra follistim when I get our donor's, I'll send you some.

I'm glad you put the friend thing behind you. There will be other friends who'll come into you life at different times. The future is bright!

Barb said...

YAY for free drugs!! And YAY to you for such a great closure! You ROCK!

Thanks so much for your kind response to my latest post. I'm sending you as many warm fuzzies as I can. (which is a lot right now seeing as how I'm beyond happy.)

Stephanie said...

Yay for free drugs, is right! They're expensive so I'd take all the free things that you could.

Kymberli said...

I'm sooo so glad that we could help!