Friday, April 18, 2008

Yes or No, why is that so hard?

I’ve been having a lot of mild cramping on and off for the past four days, which is a typical precursor to AF. Nothing odd about that, but I am missing one key ingredient…blood. So far there’s been nada, which is way out of the norm for me.

Today is CD 29, typically the longest my cycle runs is 28 days (26 days is average), so the witch should have made some sort of appearance by now. I wouldn’t be all that concerned if there was some spotting, but this is just too unusual.

I took two (but who’s counting) tests today, of course they were both decidedly negative. I’m beginning to fear a cyst is the cause of this confusion. Since I’m barely late, I know I should try to remain calm and wait until Monday before calling the nurse and insisting on some sort of test or scan.

Not surprisingly, I have plans to meet former co-workers for happy hour this evening immediately followed by another social function with friends. So I have to make the ridiculous decision to abstain from alcohol “just in case” or say fuck it, and enjoy myself. This sucks!


sara said...

Hmmm hard call. Doesn't this uncertainty with all the infertility stuff suck at times? I'm sorry...hope you get some answers soon.

Barb said...


Why not just have some alcohol? A little won't hurt I'm sure since baby wouldn't be sharing it yet.

And I know.. it sucks to even be in this situation. I'm just always afraid I'll feel foolish when inevitably that damn witch shows herself.. like last cycle where my LP was like 17 days long. ugh.