Monday, April 21, 2008

Game Over at CD32

Game over, thanks for playing the extra long version. The past four or five days have been nerve racking, it’s hard to be so hopeful and optimistic and prepare for the inevitable let down at the same time. I’m sure if you’re reading this you understand exactly what I mean. On the bright side, at least I didn't need a date with PIO to get things moving in the right direction.

For the curious, I had one mojito on Friday. I might have one tonight too!
When you're cycling (excluding heavily medicated cycles like IVF/IUI of course), do you totally abstain from alcohol for your 2ww or do you not worry about it? My best friend thinks I shouldn't worry about it so much from here on out. She's probably right considering the 3% chance. :) Let me know your philosophy on this!


sara said...

My doctor always told me not to stress out about having a drink or two while I was in the wait as long as I wasn't like binging every night or anything. Hopefully no one takes this response the wrong way. If so I'm sorry. My OB doctor told me while I was in Paris to have some nice French wine and relax in my wait while I was on clomid that cycle. So I'm sure having some would be A-okay. But you'll always have some people shooting dagers if you mention you had a drink in the two week wait. My take on it may be different than some (and my OB and RE share the same thought - maybe that's why I love them so!) Anyways, I'm so sorry that this month wasn't the one. Definitely don't worry about having a mojito, have one for me too, okay? I'll be thinking of you...

Kymberli said...

Not a good day for either of us, is it? That fucking sucks for you, too. :(

On the issue of knocking a couple back while cycling, if I were cycling for myself I wouldn't have a problem with it. For my own Clomid cycles, if I felt like it I would have a wine cooler a time or two leading up to ovulation. After ovulation I didn't, though.

With cycling as a surrogate, though, I don't risk it because it's not my potential baby and not my risk to assume.

I'm thinking good thoughts for you as usual.

Barb said...

I agree with you Sara, so no flaming from me. ;-)

My doctor says the baby does not share your bloodstream for weeks and weeks after conception, so reasonable alcohol intake should be fine even after ovulation. So yes, I'll have a glass of wine or something here and there, but I don't take it to the point of getting tipsy just in case it has an affect on my fertility anyway.

And yes, we should get together. No biggie, you're not flaky. I've been busy lately too. Want to schedule something for next week?

Rita said...

I have the drink - but then again I've been very unsuccessful

soapchick said...

My friend who has triplets said she drank before and after ovulation! She thinks it helped - ha ha. Thanks for all of your support lately, I appreciate it.

sara said...

Hey just checking to see how you're hanging in there. I was thinking of you and hoping all is well.