Saturday, April 12, 2008

I Have a Plan!

In the spirit of moving forward, I have a plan. Nothing is definite, but I’m going to try to work for a company that offers IVF coverage. I applied on Friday and I have an interview set up for Monday, so if all goes well I’ll be on my way!

Unfortunately for me, it’s retail. Something I thought I left behind long ago. Not exactly a strategic career move, but if it helps with my goal of moving forward, I’ll suck it up.

Dr. B mentioned this specific place at the appointment last week so of course I googled it when I got home. From what I’ve read it does offer IF coverage because the company is based in Massachusetts. Of course I’m not 100% sure that it still does, but I’m going to find out! I’ve read conflicting info. regarding the coverage, one site says that they offer three tries and another more recent site says they only offer up to $15,000 total. The three tries would be unbelievably awesome, but I’ll still take the $15,000 if that’s it!

Wish me luck on this crazy plan! J


Barb said...

Lots of luck!!! If it's like my company, it may depend on which version of your health care you take. For example, my HMO offers three IUI tries, but no IVF. My regular version offers $15,000 limit coverage for whatever you want.

Can't wait to chat about it!

sara said...

Tbat's exciting to be starting a new job, good luck with that process. IVF coverage would be great. I think it's a shame partial coverage isn't offered for everyone. I'm happy that you have something exciting to look forward to!