Thursday, March 27, 2008

Slow Start

I’m a little disappointed. I was hoping for a definitive scan this morning, either good news or bad news. It was just blah. The nurse had a hard time finding follicles…not a good sign in my book. She was able to track down one decent size follicle on my right and maybe another small one. The left was no better, nothing substantial, just the hint of two, maybe three small follicles. My nurse called in a back-up nurse just to double check, but she didn’t have any more luck.

Apparently I’m a slow starter. The nurse told me not to give up, that things could really take off in the next few days. I really hope she’s right. I was hoping for at least five follicles to make their presence known, so maybe next time they’ll cooperate.

On the bright side, my lining is looking cushy, which supposedly means my estrogen level should be good. The back-up nurse said my E2 should be near 300, so at least I know what they want to see.

Maybe I'm being too negative, but I want to be prepared for a cancellation, or the possibility of converting to an IUI.

I’ll update this afternoon when I get my results from this morning.

Okay, I'm thinking I’m off to a really slow start. My E2 today is 155, not quite the 300 they mentioned this morning. Add that to my sad follicle count and I’m not feeling very optimistic. I have another blood draw and scan early Saturday morning.


soapchick said...

I'm sorry for the slow start,I hope things pick up. However I'm thinking that the doctor screwed up by not doing the regular IVF on you. I hope I am wrong. I know how frustrating this all is. Hang in there Stephanie!

Barb said...

bleh I'm so sorry Stephanie.

This sounds a lot like my last iui. I had almost identical issues even though it wasn't an IVF cycle. I hope it DOES turn around. My lining is always cushy even with low E2 as well.

You sure you don't want to take me up on the getting out thing? I totally get it if you'd rather not, but we could hang out somewhere and get away from it if you want, OR you could vent all night if you want. The offer is there if you'd like. :)

Stephanie said...

Soapchick, I kinda think you're right about the IVF. I'm a little annoyed with myself for not sticking with the big IVF game plan. But...of course we won't know unless we give this a try. Gah.

Barb, yeah, this isn't going so great yet. It makes me feel a little better when I think of it as an injectible IUI cycle, because that's what it basically is. I feel good knowing that I can pull the plug on the IVF portion if I'm not happy with the way this is going and we can try again.