Saturday, March 22, 2008

First Injection

Yesterday was cd 1 and I did my first injection. I should revise that, M gave me my first injection. Not only did he administer, but he mixed the drugs as well. I am so glad I have him, he’s so good at the stuff I’m chicken-shit about.

When I’m nervous, all rational thought seems to leave my mind, so I would have been a mess trying to make sure I didn’t miss a step. The shot itself wasn’t too bad, but like everyone else has mentioned, the Follistim stings going in, and for a while after. I haven’t the courage to try taking the injection in the belly, we’ve always stuck to the outer thigh (excuse the pun). Maybe after a few nights, my legs won’t appreciate anymore and we’ll change sites.

I’m having some side effects, but I don’t know exactly to what. The strange thing is I began feeling really tired/exhausted when I stopped taking the BCP last week. I don’t know why, maybe the sudden change in hormones? But it hasn’t gone away and I think it’s getting worse. I took a nap last night before dinner, slept a good 9+ hours last night and then took another nap this afternoon.

I’m not enjoying this lack of energy, it’s not allowing me to get things done that I’d like. I have a carrot cake to make for tomorrow but I can’t seem to get my butt off the couch. I’m not going to worry about it too much though, I just want to take care of myself, so if my body needs rest, I’m going to give it rest.

I know it’s early, but I wish I was getting scanned on Monday, not just b/w. I’d like an antral follicle count just to have an idea of how things might turn out. But alas, they don’t have any plans for me until around Wednesday.

Not much else to chat about, so have a Happy Easter!


Barb said...

I agree with you on going for the leg with the follistim. The belly hurt way worse, and I hated it. The only time I was good with the belly was when I used the pen. I LOOOVED the pen. (It was actually gonal-f that I used).

Good luck!!

sara said...

I'm glad the first injections went well. I agree with barb..I only did the belly a few times and it hurt much more than my arm or outer thigh or butt. For some reason, my menopur actually stung more than the follistim. I hope you have a great Easter..and I was totally exhausted after I started my hormones too.

The Town Criers said...

Congratulations on getting through the first injection. Hoping for good b/w results tomorrow for you.

soapchick said...

I must have the best belly (or just more fat) because I found the belly almost painless. I won't even attempt it in my leg because I don't have much fat there at all and I know it would hurt. Can't wait to hear how your ultrasound goes on Wednesday! This is really happening, I'm so excited for you.

Optimistic said...

Congrats on the first injection!!

I never used the leg.. I always used the belly, I was scared of the leg ;)! I heard that hurt a lot more...

Stephanie said...

Thanks everyone!

I suppose I have plenty of cushion on both, but I'm sqeamish about the belly. The needle is so little that it probably wouldn't hurt either way.