Friday, March 21, 2008


I was at the grocery store last night and happened upon a copy of People, the one with J. Lo on the cover, perfectly coifed holding her perfect boy-girl twins. I had heard earlier in the day that she is claiming that she did not use any treatments to get pregnant with them! So I just had to pick up a copy of the magazine and see for myself. This is what I found.

People: Can you set the record straight about how challenging it was to conceive?

Jennifer: Sure. It was natural. We didn’t do in vitro, which I know was reported. Everybody assumed that because we had twins. I wanted to have a baby, but I’ve always said exactly what I said all those years they asked us since we’ve been married: “Well, when are you guys gonna have some kids?” “When it happens naturally, I guess!” And that’s when it happened. It was a surprise to us.

People: Were you ever worried it might not happen?

Jennifer: You start getting older, you think to yourself, maybe (having kids) is just not meant for me. I knew there was nothing wrong with me. I knew that I could. Deep down, I really wanted it badly.

Marc: It never even entered my mind that it would never happen.

Jennifer: (turning to Marc) Really? Even after one year, two years, three years…You know, you start thinking to yourself, “Well, maybe…”

Marc: No! When you think about it, you only have a small amount of time each month when you can. So you try and you have 12 shots a year.

Does anyone believe what Jennifer Lopez is claiming? Seriously!? Okay, I know it’s possible, but at her age, 38 and after three years of marriage, is she really trying to say she didn’t see an RE?

We’re talking about a highly successful women who is used to making things happen. She has major resources at her disposal and she didn’t seek help after say, two years? Really? Not even a little Clomid or an IUI or two?

The other thing that gets me, is that she claims to know that “nothing (is) wrong with me.” Say what? Is she saything that tried naturally for three years at the age of 35 without a care in the world? Yet she “wanted it badly”. How many women out there are so confident that there is nothing wrong after trying for three years that they're willing to wait patiently for that door to close? I don’t buy it!

There’s a little more suspicious banter in the magazine interview…

People: So how did you find out you were expecting?

Jennifer: I was in Portugal, performing and dancing my a—off…

Marc: We were on the phone, and I said “Baby, I have a sense!”

Jennifer: I said, “You think I am?” because it had been so long. When I came back, I took a test. I couldn’t believe it! I was like, “Can we get another test, please?”

Again, What? Does anyone have a husband just spontaneously call them to tell them they're probably pregnant? Okay, I guess it could happen, but Marc's the one that suspected, after a natural cycle, not Jennifer? That story just screams IVF to me. I know my husband isn't all that tuned into my cycle unless we're doing something like IUI, and even then...

But what do I know? I suppose it’s none of our (my) business how she comes by her beautiful babies. But, it would be nice to have a little more honesty about treatment from celebrities. I wish more women were out there explaining how difficult it can be, why it’s important to seek treatment, that it’s not something to be embarrassed about. It would probably do a world of good for the general public to be exposed to IF now and again. It would probably make my life easier when talking to others about treatment if they had something to reference.


soapchick said...

Yeah I don't believe her either. However it is true that older women often start releasing more eggs as they approach menopause, so the chance of twins can go up.....although in this case I don't believe for a second she didn't have help. It may not have been IVF, but I bet it was at least IUI.

JB said...
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PJ said...

She lies.

I am very open about my infertility issues and I find that I get one of two reactions. Some people don't know how to deal with it, and there is the dead silence, wierdness. Other people are genuinely interested.

So, I completely get what you are saying. There still seems to be some stigma attached to infertility. Hopefully that will change with time.

chicklet said...

I'm with you. After 3 years at that age, she at least did Clomid. Maybe to her that's natural, or maybe she has religious reasons for not addmitting it, but I for one would've preferred had she said "nobody's business" rather than flat out lying. Seriously, fraternal twins after 3 years? Sure...

Barb said...

I agree.. especially the way they talk about it.. having a small window.. 12 chances a year etc. People who are just doing the deed and not worrying about it don't generally know all that much about cycles. And there may be nothing wrong with her, but at 38, her eggs could be a bit problematic. dip. Notice though that she said they didn't do IVF (and they knew what that was), but she didn't mention anything about not using o inducers or iui. It's still "natural!"

Have you ever read about the Dixie Chicks (the sisters) talking about their struggles? They are SO open to it. It's awesome.