Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Home Again at 7dp3dt

Ahhhh, it's so good to be home. I can't believe I was away for a month!

Not much new with the waiting, I have symptoms, but we all know that they're meaningless. Oh, but nausea and adversions to smells on a plane is a good time, let me tell you.

I've taken two tests. The first was a super faint postitive from the HCG at 5dp3dt and the second was this morning. It was definately not positive.

I'm going with the every other day testing method, I think it's working for me. ;) I know I'm a Negative Nelly (no pun intended) but I'm not feeling it. I was hopeful the past few days, but today, not so much. I'm trying to prepare, thinking ahead to what this summer and what this year will be like.

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Barb said...

Welcome home!!!!

Still thinking positive thoughts for you. I know how it feels to not be feeling it. Hang in there. As I know you know... still early so I'll hold on too.