Tuesday, January 13, 2009


We have a phone consultation scheduled for the end of the month with a new RE in NY.


Of course I need to gather all of my records from the local Drs. office. I called last Monday and left a message on the record departments v-mail, several days go by and nothing. I called Thursday afternoon and they'd switched over the phones early, so again nada. Grrrr. I called and left a message again Friday morning, zip. I called and left a message again this Monday (yesterday), still nothing. I called again today and pushed zero to talk to a real human being, she had me leave another message for the records department. In case you've lost count, that's 5 phone calls and 4 messages over the course of 9 days and as of 4pm today I still haven't had a returned call.

I hate when Drs. offices put the patient in the awkward position of stalking them to get results!!!

The office staff sure is making it easy to move on to a new RE! I don't know if it's because I'm no longer an active patient, or because medical records are low priority, but it's pissing me off! M wants me to go to the office in person to get my records...it might make an impression, ha ha. Probably not a good one though. ;)

Does anyone else have this much trouble communicating with their RE's staff?

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Barb said...

Um. yeah. I've had similar issues with the same office.. but not terrible. I had awful issues with the one before that if you recall. :)