Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Annoyance Subsiding

I finally heard back from my local RE's office. The woman who called me was very sweet and apologized for turning me into a stalker. She said that the woman who handles the medical records is no longer there. I guess that explains a few things.

Anyway, I faxed in a formal request for my records and should hopefully have them by next week. That will give me just enough time to make copies and mail them off to NY along with all of the forms the new RE needs.

I guess I need to start working on a list of questions to ask the new Dr. when I speak to him. First and foremost on my list will be questions about my egg quality and his opinion about even going forward with IVF. I would like to have a few more tests to help determine if I do have low ovarian reserve/poor egg quality or not.

I know it's probably unlikely, but I still wonder if my high FSH could have been caused by the accupuncturist. It seems so strange that my FSH suddenly spiked as I started the treatment that I really disliked.

I guess we'll see what he says in two weeks!

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Barb said...

Oh my gosh. GOOD LUCK! I'll be very interested to read what happens as this goes on..