Monday, July 14, 2008

Parents For a Weekend

I’m just now getting back to the blog world after the RL world kicked my butt. I think I mentioned that our niece and nephew are in town for a visit. This past weekend we had them over at our house for some bonding. M’s parents dropped them off Friday evening and picked them up Sunday evening.

Wow, I am exhausted! The kids are 6 and 4, overall they’re well behaved but wow. We intended to take them to the water park on Saturday but the weather was uncooperative. The gloomy 70% chance of heavy rain caused us to look for alternative entertainment.

We ended up playing at the house for most of the morning (letting M catch up on sleep) and then going to see WallE to wait out the rain. The movie was pretty good, but N, the youngest was having a hard time near the end. She was worried that it was going to be dark when we left the theatre and we wouldn’t be able to go to the Fun Spot which we had promised if it wasn’t raining.

Fortunately the sun was still up and the rain had pretty much stopped by the time the movie ended. So off to the Fun Spot we went. It’s not that big, more like a permanent carnival than amusement park. They have a little kid section and the best part, several go cart tracks that we get to drive with the kids as passengers.

All in all it was a successful family weekend. I think we succeeded in taking good care of them and having lots of fun. It also gave us a good chance to pretend to be parents for a few days. It was weird and kind of fun walking through the mall or amusement park knowing that everyone was thinking they’re ours. Well, except when they called us Aunt Stephanie and Uncle M of course.

That said, I was exhausted and happy to hand them back to the In-laws. I don’t know how much was because I’m not used to them, they’re not used to us, and how much is just the reality of constantly taking care of children. It kinda scared me a little, am I really ready to do this?!

I keep telling myself that it will be different if we have our own. I’ll feel differently about my own child and having a routine would make a difference. I hope I’m not just deluding myself. Please tell me I’m not!

I’m going to try to catch up on everyone’s blog soon!


sara said...

I definitely think that it has to be different when it's your own since you have them from day one and the get go. You already have this routine and things aren't so tiring I bet. At least that's what I keep telling myself every time my nephews come over :-) Well that's my delusional thinking and I'm sticking to it! Sounds like you are an awesome aunt and they're lucky to have you :-)

Kymberli said...

It's different when you have your own. There are still times when you get exhausted and overwhelmed, but they're yours, and it makes it all worth it.

I'm glad you got to spend some time with them this weekend!

soapchick said...

You're not deluding yourself. Besides with your own kids you get to start out with a newborn, and slowly have them morph into an active 4 or 6 year old!

Stephanie said...

Thanks everyone for reassuring me that it probably won't be quite a crazy as watching someone elses kids. I feel a little better. :)