Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 8

Today has been a ride.

I went to my latest checkup and things haven't progressed as I would have liked. I might be back to only three follicles to work with now.

The problem is, my lead follicles are getting too large and aren't giving the little one's time to catch up. I have some hard numbers to share with you guys today.

Righty has one follicle at 16mm and a pathetic little 11mm
Lefty has a 23mm, 22.5mm and a sad little 12mm

I saw a partner of NY RE and he broke it down for me. He confirmed that they would do the egg retrieval on Saturday. I didn't ask for my E2, I was a little freaked out after I heard the numbers and forgot.

The craziness came this afternoon. A nurse called to tell me to take the HCG trigger shot tonight! That would put egg retrieval on Friday. Ummm...okay, but M isn't going to be here yet. I was in a near panic when she told me all of this! I explained the situation to her, 'cause clearly she and the partner didn't know any of this.

She said she'd speak to the same RE who made the decision and call me back. Five minutes later she called and said it would be fine to push ER until Saturday. Of course that made me and M verrrry nervous. Obviously if the best outcome is to do the ER on Friday, then M would need to get up here asap.

Fortunately M decided to speak to our RE directly and get his take on the situation. NY RE said that after reviewing the information, he preferred a Saturday ER anyway. We are now breathing a bit easier, but I'm still a little nervous about the large follicles. I'm scared the big one's will be too big and the small, too small leaving me with just one! Oh well.

I'm still disapointed in our situation, but we won't know anything really for a few days. I'm trying to just relax and stay positive.


Anonymous said...

POSITIVE POSITIVE POSITIVE thoughts vibes and prayers coming your way!!!! I am not sure if you know but I only had 3 embroy's to work with. They were horrible grade C ones at that. My "results" were 6 y/o a few weeks ago :)!! Can't wait to hear about retrieval and will continue my prayers for your BFP!!!!!


Stephanie said...

Thank you Kimmy, I didn't know that. You really made my day. :)

Fashionably Infertile said...

I am going to continue to think good thoughts for you. You also never know how many eggs might be hiding in each follice. Sometimes you can get a few more extras than you expect. Please keep us updated. Wishing you the best!

Soapchick said...

Good luck with your trigger tonight Stephanie!! Hoping they find some more eggs that may be hiding!