Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 6 of Stims

I just had my second sono and blood work. I'm happy to report that I've improved, if only slightly. I now have a grand total of four follicles over 10mm with another small one lagging behind.

So lefty is putting out three and righty has one plus another under 10mm. I spoke with NY RE and he was encouraging, but somewhat neutral on the situation. Obviously less than five follicles isn't stellar, but he said it could be worse. I could be older with less than five follicles. Sadly he didn't use his crystal ball to read my future.

He said my E2 numbers are nice and high, which could be good or bad. It could mean that my first three (and now fourth) follicles are growing like crazy and the others are lagging or it could mean that more follicles will soon appear. I'm hoping for more -I'm greedy like that :)

I haven't asked for specific numbers at this point and they haven't offered them. The clinic is efficient, but they don't hand hold. They don't even write down appointment times or dosage instructions for you unless you request it.

I think it might be better not to know the details, less to obsess about. I do know that my original three follicles were greater than 10mm (I think around 14mm)on Saturday and no other follicles were seen, but the tech wasn't trying too hard to look for smaller antral follicles. She spent all of 60 seconds looking around.

NY RE has put my retrieval date at either Saturday or Sunday. M is going to fly up this Friday. Yay.

Now for the annoying news.

The topic of Fragile X Syndrome was brought up...a little late in the game I might add. My mother entered menopause early, while in her late 30's and NY RE said that is an indicator for Fragile X. He is having me tested, but it almost doesn't matter now. We're on the path we're on. We won't find out the results for another 10 days.

By that time, I could potentially already have put back an embryo or two. I almost don't know what the point of testing is now, but I haven't done much research on the matter. I only know that it affects girls reproductive lifespan and it can cause mental retardation in boys. We don't have a history of mental retardation(that I'm aware of)in our family, so I'm hoping this isn't something to worry about.

Nice of him to bring this up now, huh?

Thanks for all of your encouragement, I really appreciate it!!!


Small Update: Menopur has been increased to three vials a night. Hmmmmm...


Barb said...

OK! Still cheering the follies on!

Anonymous said...

YAY TURLY sounds like your are doing OK!!!!! Slow and stead slow and steady I am still praying for!!! Come on follies!!

P.S. This is how my IM stims as well. Hence the menopur so I am praying for the same result. She had 8 embies and a BFP in the LONG run!! ((Hugs))!!


Anonymous said...

Ooops please excuse my horrible typo fingers UGH!!!