Friday, May 2, 2008

Time For a New RE?

Yesterday I left another v-mail with the clinic making it clear that I am very unhappy with the way they are handling my money. I finally heard back from the Director of Finance just now.

She did apologize and explained that they have a new system, blah blah blah and this is not typical. But here's the kicker, I won't be seeing my $5,000+ for at least another week. I'll be lucky if I have it by next Friday.

She said that the clinic is now partners with and they have to send all "claims" up to their corporate headquarters in NY for processing. Well, she hasn't even done that yet.

I am so angry with them right now. If that's the case, it will take nearly a full month to get my refund. What if I was planning on going to another clinic for treatment and needed the money? I'd be delayed just because their accounting department is a bunch of idiots.

I really wish there was something I could do about this, but I guess I have to sit back and take it. Thanks for letting me know that I'm not crazy for expecting better service.


M thinks we should consider other clinics, big surprise. For some reason he thinks a clinic up north might be the answer. Maybe he's right, I need to keep my options open and look around for the best treatment we can afford. So far no one locally has been able to help me in any significant way. I don't know if I've given them a proper chance or not though. It's *only* been 15 months since I first started with them and I haven't done a proper IVF.

Would you change RE's at this point?

I don't know much about it, but Cornell keeps popping up as one of the best. It seems to be a go-to clinic for difficult patients. That said, I have a suspicion that they are very pricey and may not be a real option for us.

I've tried looking up the rankings, but haven't had much luck, I found one but it seemed a little out of date (2004 maybe). Let me know if you've come across a good list or have any recommendations.


jp said...

Hi there-
I cycle at Cornell and would be glad to offer you any info I have.

I do have to say that when Cornell owed me a refund, the money did not come nearly as fast as it could have...which does not mean anything about the quality of certain aspects of this practice (wonderful embryology lab and I really like my doctor there, much better than the RE at the first clinic I used).

I do think 15 months is potentially time for a change.
Good luck to you.

Kim said...

I was going to switch re's at one time and went to interview a bunch. I didn't relaly have any complaints about my original one except that I wasn't getting pg. I didn't like either of the drs I talked to too. It made me trust and believe in my re even more and there was no second guessing. I have a friend who loves one of the drs I tried out - so I think it who you like is personal and even success data, while important, doesn't mean anything if you don't 'click' with the drs.

soapchick said...

I switched REs from my first one because I didn't like the doctor and disagreed with his protocol (I just didn't know it until I became educated after it failed). Their billing department sucked too - I'm still getting bills from my IVF in October of last year. Even though my IVF failed with my new doctor I like him and his practice much better and I'm confident he'll get me pregnant on a donor cycle. They bill faster with my insurance too.

Maybe a change would be good, although I remember you didn't like that other RE in your area. Maybe you should look into Cornell.

sara said...

I don't think just looking at the one in Cornell would hurt, if you haven't been happy with the current one. I hope you find one you like, that's so important since we spend so much time, money and emotion at their office. 15 months doesn't seem too short of a time to switch if you're ready, I think you have some really valid points. I'm wishing you the best of luck!

Barb said...

Oh man, I so wish I had some help to give you. What a big decision. Good luck with everything. I may be asking you lots of questions as I don't know what I'm doing next either. :(

Alex said...

I don't know you and found my way here from Mel's blog (Stirrup Queens).

It's not often I get to claim to be "up north," but I cycled at Duke Fertility Clinic in NC and would be happy to give you my detailed impression of the place (if you want, email me at bogart99 at Basically I would summarize my opinion of them as not clinically cutting edge (they stick to the tried and true) and very, very, very kind and professional. Really, I read these horror stories about some ugly thing some nurse somewhere said to someone and -- huh???? Every single one of the Duke staff from doctors to front desk folk was kind and positive from the moment I decided to cycle (prior to that there were some dreary heart-to-hearts with my RE as I'm a high FSHer -- but once the decision was made, it was all about hoping for the best and moving forward).

I don't remember any horror stories about finances, though it's been awhile (I did conceive my son, now 1, there).

I also tried (first) at UNC but was shown the door due to high FSH and really cannot comment on them because I just don't know enough.

Oh, and we're in a reasonably nice, affordable area near a major airport -- and a manageable drive up I-95.

Good luck, whatever you decide.