Friday, February 6, 2009

Bump in the Road

Thanks for your warm thoughts, it's much appreciated.

So there's a little my right breast. I went into the gyn-y yesterday for my yearly pap. The ARNP that I see was doing my breast exam and found a small lump so I'm off for my first mammogram/breast sonogram on Monday. Woohoo.

I'm not overly worried, the lump moves around, and cancerous lumps don't, or so I've read. I'm betting that it's a cyst and hoping it will go away on its own, perhaps after I start my period in a few days. I just hope this isn't something that will get in the way of the IVF.

On a more positive note, I had all of my blood work taken care of yesterday for the IVF, 8 vials worth! I'm happy to have that all out of the way now.

Now I just have to figure out where M should go for his blood work. I don't know if I should just call our GP or if I should call the NY RE and have orders sent so that he can just go to a lab.

Oh, and even better news, I don't need an HSG!!! I misunderstood the RE over the phone, he was saying that I need a saline-sonohysterogram. I thought it was odd that he would order and HSG for IVF, so this makes much more sense.

So far the NY RE and his staff have been great. I had a question after the consultation, so I called the office. I was just hoping a nurse could tell me if the RE had handled the next step or if I needed to get the ball rolling. She took the message and the actual RE called me back to say that balls are rolling! I was more than shocked, it was a simple question and most likely a nurse could've handled it.

I guess I should mention that M and I have made a decision about when to go forward with the IVF. We're going to wait a month, it just makes more sense than starting next week. So that puts our estimated start of BCP's in early March and if I make it to retrieval that would be mid April. Almost exactly a year after the first IVF.

I think that sums up the latest and greatest.


Soapchick said...

Glad to hear from you. Sorry about the lump,. Hoping for just a cyst that they can easily drain or get rid of. Yeah my donor cycle will end up being about a year after my last IVF too. We still might be cycle buddies.

Barb said...

Sounds great! I bet it's a cyst too. Good luck with the mammogram!

I can't wait to see how your ivf goes! I'm so jealous of your good RE. :) I have heard so many stories of REs who email their patients.. call them back.. take time with them.. CARE what's wrong with them rather than just pumping meds in and worrying about problems later..

I wish I knew more about all that! haha.

Pepper said...

I hope all goes well with the tests on Monday.

Jen said...

I saw this on Lost and Found and wanted to tell you that I had the same thing once. My doctor found it at the yearly checkup. I had an ultrasound done (if they do the ultrasound first, you can sometimes skip the mammogram) and then had it biopsied. It ended up being nothing and the whole procedure was pretty easy. Take some good painkillers before the mammogram because it is somewhat uncomfortable though.