Friday, August 29, 2008

A Month Without Milk and Bread

I mentioned a few posts back that I’m trying out some dietary changes to see if it will help with my endometriosis. It’s been roughly six weeks and I just finished my second period since starting the experiment. I might be jumping the gun, but it seems to have been a success!

I’m not sure what exactly has been the most help, eliminating dairy wheat, or sugar, but I’ve definitely noticed a change. My pain was almost non-existent! TMI ahead (as if that’s possible in our circle) but I also noticed fewer blood clots, it was almost a normal type of bleed. I don’t know if that is tied in with everything, but when I was seeing the acupuncturist, he was always interested in eliminating the clotting (which he never did).

I nearly forgot that my period was due to start, because I didn’t have any significant cramping ahead of time. It also started without the typical multi day spotting marathon that usually precedes the real deal. Very strange and exciting if a period can ever be described in those terms.

Once AF really got going, there was some discomfort/cramping so I took one Advil, mostly as a precaution. I didn’t want cramps to ruin my indoor skydiving experience. Ha ha. It wasn’t until I was getting ready for bed that I realized that I was still feeling okay. Usually by then I’d have the heating pad out and pop another Advil to get through the night.

The only thing that was still abnormal was the length of AF. It started for about a day and a half and then stopped only to start briefly a day later. I’m hoping that in the future it will be a little more regular in duration.

I haven’t been adhering to the strict diet like I was before, so I’m not sure if that explains why I’ve had a little bit of cramping post AF. I have been contemplating continuing with a wheat free month, but allowing a moderate amount of dairy back into my diet to see what happens. I doubt that’s going to be as successful, for some reason I think dairy is the real culprit. Just a hunch.

BTW, I’m not trying right now. I feel like there is too much chaos in my life and I don’t want to add more right now. In some ways it’s a relief taking the time to focus on work, family, and M. I’m sure I’ll get back in the game soon.


soapchick said...

Sorry I haven't commented much, I've been slammed at work.

Yeah I tried and failed to give up dairy. Maybe I could do wheat, but dairy no way. Good luck!

Rita said...

you go sistah.
I've been trying raw detox

Barb said...

YAY that's awesome!! I've heard that dairy is quite bad as well. Have you checked out Whole Foods yet? It's awesome and gives you hope to continue! (at least it did for me).

And if you ever have a food thing, just send it my way. You don't have to be consistent. :)