Monday, August 4, 2008


I've finally decided to stop being so lazy about my blogs appearance. It's a small change but I think it's an improvement. I'm not sure if that's the image I want to keep, but it'll have to do for now. I took that picture when I met up with Barb at a local park, some of you might recognize it from a previous post.

Maybe I should look into creating my own special header. It would be the perfect project to help me learn Illustrator better, something I need to do! I would like to be able to do more graphic design work, not just interior design. Partially because I enjoy it and partially because it's nice to have more than one way to pay the bills when the going gets tough.

Interior design isn't exactly the most stable field to be in, especially when it's tied to the housing market. It's not the worst, don't get me wrong, but it's not a necessity like medicine and law.

As my MIL pointed out at lunch yesterday, M's sister is good, "she doesn't need anything, she has everything". This was her response when we asked what we could get SIL for her birthday.

I know the comment was innocent, but it's the truth. She's a lawyer married to a Dr. with three small children.

M and I are only scraping by in our design jobs and of course we don't have children.

Quite a contrast. Yeah, I know I need to stop being so pitiful. ;)


Kymberli said...

I think sometimes a bit of self-pity is allowed! *wink*

You love that close to Barb? Lucky. :)

Randal said...

Yes, you are right designer's job is a good selection whether it's home designer or any other.

Barb said...

Beautiful header! I recognized it right away!

And yeah Kymberli - didn't she just hit the jackpot? hehehe

soapchick said...

Stephanie the header is beautiful. What a cool picture! I like the change! I hope you are doing well.

Barb said...

Everything ok chickie boo?