Friday, February 29, 2008

Update: Decision Made

Okay, so I finally heard back from my favorite nurse, whom I think I will imaginatively call Favorite Nurse. I figured I was being impatient, because she called me an hour after I started to freak, which is 30 minutes after the office closes. She’s so sweet, she said she’d never forget to call me. Awwwww.

So, she spoke with Dr. B and he is recommending the regular-old-fashioned-lots-of-needles-pump-me-full-of-drugs-IVF. M and I have already discussed our options and have come to the conclusion that it’s probably for the best. If my high FSH is an indicator, we might not want to mess around much longer.

Favorite Nurse reiterated this when we spoke on the phone. She also confirmed my fears that I am now ineligible to do Shared Risk. Damn you high FSH! The only way I’m eligible is if I use donor eggs. She politely told them no thanks, that I’m not there yet!

So…I have to run to CVS and pick up my BCP’s which I start tonight. I am stupidly excited to be starting the pill. It’s just that I’m finally moving on, there’s hope on the horizon.

My Drs. Practice has two offices. The main office is near-by (about 15 min. away) and the satellite office is a little further out (about 30 min. away). I started going to the satellite office in the beginning because I worked across the street from it. I bounce between the two depending on which is most convenient at the time or which one is open. The main office, which has 4 Drs. (including Dr. B) is very busy. The satellite office is smaller with only Dr. B working it p/t so I know everyone well (and just as important, they know me), including Favorite Nurse.

After the frustration of not receiving prompt phone calls and just feeling lost in the shuffle at the main office, I’m going to make the drive to see Favorite Nurse from now on. I think the extra time and gas money is well worth better care, especially if we’re going to be forking over huge sums of money.

I’m nervous, but excited to be moving on. I know there’s no guarantee that IVF will work, but it’s our best hope for now. I just have to call on Monday to schedule my final IVF consult, oh and figure out how to pay for everything!


Kymberli said...

I am wishing you luck on your cycle! I understand the excitement of starting BCPs; in the long run it's a minor step, but it's the FIRST step in the right direction. :)

chicklet said...

Hey, looking at your TTC history, we're very very similar! Not that that's a good thing for either of us;-)

Good luck with IVF#1 - maybe our timing will be similar?

soapchick said...

I'm happy to hear your decision has been made. Now you can move forward with hope! I think we'll be doing our IVF at the same exact time......unless I get pregnant on the IUI this month (would be a miracle).

Barb said...

I'm SO with you on the satellite office!! :)

Very excited for this upcoming big stuff! I hope this is everything it needs to be.

Lots of best wishes for you!